About the Accident

On January 4th, 2010 I was in a sledding accident and hit a tree. I broke 8 ribs, all on the right side, 3 back bones, dislocated my left hip, and bruised/punctured/deflated my left lung. I had to have surgery on my hip, but there were complications from my nerve being damaged during surgery. So now, my left foot/ankle is paralyzed.

My most recent surgery was the possible replacement of my sciatic nerve. It was a 5 hour surgery, but after they removed the scar tissue that had embedded into my nerve and compacted my nerve, they tested my nerve and conduction was able to go through. So if my nerve can/wants heal, it has the best possible chance because it's best to have your own nerve.

Now, it's just patience and time. But, it is quite weird living with this. I can feel most of my leg, I have some areas that are numb or the feeling is off. It's been a crazy, interesting, hard, trying, faith building experience, but this blog is to document  all of my experiences. Hence, The Peg Leg Diaries. But, I'm so very blessed, this experience/transformation has been nothing short of a miracle. I used a walker for a long time, then I started therapy and went from a walker, to crutches, to a cane, to nothing. (Nothing meaning I don't need anything to walk, but I have a limp. Nothing, also means my giant plastic brace that's on my leg, that makes it so I seem normal. Nothing past walking yet, but I'm attempting to jog again... )

Now, I'm just adjusting to my new life. It's hard and I have to relearn how to do everything but I'm getting there because of all the amazing people in my life. This blog is to help me document this crazy time in my life.

Life is different, still good, just different.

Much love. -Belle.