Friday, October 8, 2010

All I did today...

Today was I...?

a) Tired
b) Sick
c) Overwhelmed
d) Bored
e) Lazy

Listened to her today... You should remember her name, because one day she'll be famous!

Candace Neal- Head Over Feet

Candace Neal- Cake (soooo funny!)

Candace Neal- That Thing You Do

Candace Neal- Sherlock

and then... I don't know why... but this song always make me happy...

Plain White T's- Rhythm of Love

That's all. Life is good. I'm tired of being tired. I think I took on too much... but life is good. Grateful for all my many blessings in life.

If a handsome man is reading this, you are more than welcome to bring me flowers.

Mucho love,

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