Friday, November 5, 2010

IWA Tribute.

I just want my foot to get better, so I can leave and go on my mission!!! I'm suppose to be halfway done by now!!!! GAAAAAAA!!!

I don't understand, I don't understand why I've been more through this past year then most people go through in a lifetime. Not just my foot, but all the stuff I had to deal with before that. I just, I'm sick of it. I want/NEED a break. I'm at my wits end!!! BLAGH!

But, I am very blessed. Honestly, I'm so grateful for institute and IWA. Especially IWA...
*Kathy, you are such an inspired leader, and know exactly what I need.
*Jessie Ann Kingsford, you've been my best friend for the past 5 years, and I love you.
*Shantell... you just make me happy and make me want to be better.
*Kieley, you are perfect, and I look up to you so much. I think you are one of the best girls I know.
*Gwen, Lori, J.Black, Tasha, Erin, JoNeale, Tami, Kelsey... You girls ALWAYS make me laugh!
*AnnaLynne, Stephanie, Shauna, Kelci, Jenna, Rachel, Catherine, Dionne, Amanda, Karissa, Janika, Liz, Rachel, Megan, Chanel and Erika.... I don't understand how ALL of you can be sooooo AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL!
*Callista and Brenna, I love you both. You both bring so much happiness to others.
Hannah, Elizabeth, Jessica F., Lauren, Katie... I'm jealous of your beauty... but don't worry, I love you anyway.
*Caity and Kennedy I'm so glad you just joined our chapter!!
*Stephanie Aagard and Shannon Guymon, you girls are simply amazing and I look up to you soooooo much!
*I'm so blessed to know all the other girls in IWA and our amazing I.C.!!!
* Janielle, you are my favoritest 2nd Counselor Buddy!!! P.S. Don't tell the other 2nd's... :) (Hannah, you are my favorite too.)
* ELISE!!!! I love you. You've helped me more than you will ever EVER know.  You are hands down, the 2nd reason I'm still sane right now. (#1 is my Savior... but... that's pretty dang good if you are number 2! GO ELISE!)

I'm not going to lie, life is kinda sucky right now.... but I'm so very blessed, and I know I'll get through it. Thank you for being patient with me. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

(but right now, I love IWA a little more than the rest of you... Sorry!!! You're still favorite, I just have lots of favorites.)


Also, I wish it was Spring... and I wish I was in Holland right now....
FOREIGN MEN AND TULIPS!!!! (Or foreign men with two lips... tulips...) 
Just kidding... slightly.... AKA... I'm slightly kidding.


  1. Woot for being cool enough to have my name in all caps twice ;)
    But really, I love your guts, Nichelle! Seriously, I only wish I could explain to you how much of a blessing you have been to ME this semester. You're the greatest and I am honored to be your friend.

  2. Your blog design is super cute! Great post by the way!