Monday, November 1, 2010

Just hung out with a crazy lady.

So, while I was in my room... unable to fall asleep, this crazy lady came!!! Seriously, she was insane. She started getting Christmas decorations out! I was like, "Hey lady, that's not cool, don't you know that's not kosher!" Then the crazy lady was like, "Sheesh kid, it's been November for 3 hours!" I contemplated those wise and profound words, and before I knew it she had a nativity set up! I bargained with her and allowed her to set up a very limited amount of decorations. She whined a bit, and said, "But you have TWO WHOLE BINS FULL!!!" I persisted, "You cannot put them all out, only a couple things." She moaned and groaned, but I held my ground.

Don't believe me? I took pictures, you know, just in case you thought I was lying. Why would I lie? Santa's watching, duh.