Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh the NERVE!

A few weeks after "the incident of.... well... being paralyzed"... I had an MRI in Salt Lake and meetings with some specialists. Nervous isn't a grand enough word for how I felt about having an MRI, surgery's are scary, but at least you're knocked out... I wasn't really excited to sit in a tube for 90 minutes to take some pictures of my innards. But, things went better than expected, I should've learned by now just to freak out less and I'll be fine.

The specialists wanted to wait to see the results from the MRI, but the options were most likely going to be, after they had a better picture of the nerve and the damage that had been done they'd go in for another surgery. Once they got in there, they would do a test using electrical currents to make sure signals could still go through the damaged part of the nerve. They hopefully wanted to reattach the part of the nerve that had been cut or ripped, since it was still attached, that would be the best bet of a better and full recovery if they could keep my nerve... but just repair it. Another option that they would be prepared for when they did the surgery was to have a donor nerve ready to place in if the nerve was too damaged. The risk with that was that my body may reject the nerve, but they wouldn't be able to tell until a year later, so they would just have to just start from base one again and try another donor nerve.

The last and scariest option, in my opinion, would be to do a tendon transfer. My back tendons on my leg are still in good working order, since i can curl my toes and I have full sensation of my lower leg and foot. (Yeah I'm paralyzed but still get to feel all the pain... talk about being jipped) This surgery would split my good tendons and I would have to relearn how to use my leg... I dunno... it was just weird and scary... and this last resort would definatly make it that I would lose alot of use in my leg...but I would walk again.

LUCKILY, the results came back from the MRI. As it turns out, I have super human healing powers. I forgot to mention earlier that my ribs, back and lung healed in 2-ish weeks, instead of the 8 or more weeks which was what was expected. But, back to the MRI results... the part of the nerve that had been ripped and was just a flap had reattached itself. This was an amazingly good sign. So instead of doing surgery quickly, they wanted to wait at least 4 weeks to see what else would happen, and how much more progress my body could do on it's own. So the next appointment is March 4th in Salt Lake...

Of course it isn't my super human healing powers, it's the power of the priesthood. It's the faith that I had and so many had on my behalf. I know that there were countless prayers in my behalf, and I know they are still going. With everything that's going on in the world, it's amazing to me that so many would take the time to care for me and have faith in me. My Daddy fasted and prayed for MULTIPLE days that I would be healed. He not only has faith in another miracle, he expects it. So whenever my faith waivers or this burden gets a little to hard to bare, I remember the countless miracles that have already happend. Even if I never walk again, I've been blessed more than anyone I know. What do I have to complain about? I never knew how much love and support could be given to me. I love my family, my friends and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can all read about the miracles that our Savior Jesus Christ did for his people, he healed the sick, raised the dead.... and he caused the lame to walk. I know that His miracles are still going on today. He is the same yeterday, today and tomorrow. I know that if it's His will, and if my purpose in life requires me to walk then I'll be healed, if not, I WILL walk again because of his atonement, because of the ressurection. No matter how hard the path may be, I know I'm never alone. I know, it will all be okay.

There's this quote that we all love in our little Relief Society in my beloved Summit Creek Branch, it's "Everything will work out in the end, if things aren't working out.... It's not the end."


  1. You are an amazing girl Nichelle! I admire your faith and I think we all could learn a little something from you.
    I hope that everything keeps healing fast and that your nerve will be able to be repaired. We'll definitely keep you in our thought and prayers. Hang in there. :)

  2. I think we all learn something from you, just the way you are staying positive, and not giving up hope. Trust in the lord just as you been doing and you can get through this. You are amazing and i look up to you.

  3. This is Michelle, I saw you started a blog on facebook.

    Your faith and courage is inspirational. I admire your upbeat attitude. I agree with Cowgirl... I look up to you. You are such an amazing women and we can all learn from your example.

    You are still in my prayers.

  4. Thanks for starting this blog - great way to keep tabs on your status without bombarding you with emails. :) I'm happy to hear you have super-human healing powers...keep it up!