Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today's been a little rough...

So the past couple days have been really hard for me. Usually when I get down, or I notice that my mood isn't where it should be, I find someway to help someone or to serve someone else. For me this really helps, I know the reason I start feeling down or sorry for myself is because I start to get selfish. But ever since the injury, the only thing I feel capable of is asking for help. I need to find uplifting ways to spend my time while being injured.

I just came back from one of my best friends going away party, it was really hard. I know I'll see my friend again, and we weren't saying goodbye's... the reason that it was hard was because all I could was sit on the couch. Most of the activites that were going on required you to be moving around. Since I can't even stand for very long without loosing my balance it was hard to be there. It's so frustrating constantly being in pain, and not being able to do the simple things that I could not that long ago. I feel that I'm on my wits end. I feel bad for being sad about this, because so many people have helped me so much, but I still get sad about my leg. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing something wrong, normally during hard times, I find reasons to be content, but today I can't seem to do that. I guess I just want someone else to just sit with me. I feel very alone in what I'm going through. I have support from family and friends, but I'm the only one who can't walk.

I'm so grateful for the Savior and knowing he is always there for me, I'm grateful for my famliy and friends. When the burden get's hard, they all are so patient with me. But, I feel I'm stuck in a rut, so any advice would be helpful. I guess, I'm mostly frustrated because I'm so use to doing things, and helping in any way that I can, and now I can't do anything. All the things that gave me joy, helping others, being active, or simply walking over to someone that looked like they needed help, I can't do anymore. I guess, if I can't be the one to go help people, I wish people would come help me. I know most of the people in my life would do anything for me if I asked. But I don't want to ask, I want someone to know what I need. But that's a tall order to fill.

I guess... I'm sending out into the abyss of cyber space a call for help and comfort...


  1. Dude, I'm coming up next weekend. Let's get together and watch sappy girl movies together and eat popcorn and chocolate!

  2. Oh Nichelle I am so so sorry!!! What is your address? I would LOVE to come visit you :) Keep it up chicka! You are an amazing person!!!

  3. I'm great at sitting around and doing nothing... and I totally enjoy it! I'm all for sitting on the couch with you and if it will make you feel better, I'm pretty much an emotional trainwreck all the time nowadays and could cry with a moment's notice if you needed someone to cry with you! I know it's not the same at all, pregnancy compared to your leg, but I feel ya on the asking for help and just wanting to give up! When I was puking nonstop for months and couldn't do anything but lay on the couch, it sucked! Sometimes that was the only word to describe a situation like this, it sucks! It gets hard having a good attitude but that's normal. When those little moments come when you feel good or something makes you smile or laugh try to enjoy them and remember them, even if they are for a brief second. Sometimes it's all you can do to just make it one day at a time. Hugs!

  4. I don't know if this will help, but I was thinking...
    Christ went through all we went through. Maybe he could sit with you on the couch.

    Good luck! Keep your chin up!

  5. Nichelle, I want you to know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Your quote from Mother Teresa describes you perfectly! You spread love wherever you go and to whoever you meet! I am grateful for the opportunity to know someone like you in this life. You have such a positive outlook on life no matter what comes your way! Thank you for being such a sweetheart, I wish you the best!
    -Stacey Collom (Rawlings)