Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OH. MY. LANTA. (I know right.)

If you are reading this, you should leave a comment including:

1. Your blog address so I may blog stalk you.
2. Your favorite ice cream flavor. (This will determine how close of friends we have the potential of being.)
3. Your favorite saying(s), and why. Mine tie-"Oh my lanta!" and "I know right". Actually, I started saying, "I know right" as a joke, but now it's kinda habit... I think it has rubbed off on people I talk to a lot... but it's cool... just know whenever you say it around me, I'm laughing on the inside.
4. Uh... I really only wanted to find out blog addresses that I don't have... but still answer the other questions...

Awesome. PLEASE leave a comment... Thanks. If you don't leave a comment... Thanks anyway, you are still swell.

Much love,


  1. 1. thethorleyfamily.blogspot.com
    2. I LOVE cookie dough. But I will eat any kind of ice cream
    3. I say honey a lot. I got it from a YW leader who used it like this: Honey, your hair looks terrible. Come here and let shelley fix it for you. (She was talking to one of the girls) now when I am telling someone something they probably won't like, I use honey. Mine started as a joke and stuck, too.

  2. Hello! I blog stalk you too . . .
    Anyway, mine is hadpadnews.blogspot.com
    And I love ice cream with delicious things in it like cookie dough. But my favorite ice cream lately has been something I made up from SubZero (have you ever been there? It's incredible.) I call my recipe delicious pink goodness. It has cheesecake chunks in it. I can't think off the top of my head what my favorite sayings are. I know I have some that I use all the time and I know they're pretty strange . . . I'll have to start listening to myself talk and see if I can figure it out.

  3. http://insidestories.blogspot.com, but when you get there it says INKLINGS. This is because I started my blog while I worked at the jail doing GED classes for inmates. After I left that job, I wanted a new title, but didn't want to lose the other blog posts.
    My favorite ice cream is moose tracks. I also like butterscotch pecan. :0)
    I will have to think about phrases I use. MJ probably knows them better than in do. I do know when somebody says something I don't agree with or particularly like I say, "Hmmm..." and it really annoys my family, who tell me not to hmm them, and without even realizing it, I say "Hmmm" again. :0s
    I enjoy reading your blog and keeping that connection. It was so fun to watch you and MJ be best friends when we lived by you.

  4. http://kaylers630.blogspot.com/

    I like Rocky Road, but I add caramel on top of it to make it even better.

    It'll all work out. I say that alot when I don't know what to tell people on how to fix their problems.

  5. 1. nnaeerbz.blogspot.com no worries i'm already blog stalking you and your amazingness!
    2. definately ben and jerry's chuncky monkey! i mean come on that is just fun to say! and it tastes like a banana creamy in a bowl! amazing!
    3. everything happens for a reason and "i know, right?" ha ha i actually picked it up from Garrick Pfluge :) good drama times. anyways i loves you! your blog is so cute!

  6. 1. eliseypants.blogspot.com
    plus, my photography/design blog is elisecreates.blogspot.com
    plus, my friend and I have a cooking blog:

    2.Aggie Bluemint. :) And Moose Tracks, and anything cheesecake, or cake batter. Really, I just like ice cream.

    3. Wow. Let's definitely be friends! I say "Oh My Lanta!" All the time! I also say "What the Penguin" a lot lately. It's because my friend sent me a picture of a penguin out of the blue one day and I responded with WTP? And now we say "What the Penguin?"

  7. 1. kkstone.blogspot.com

    2. oh, man. i'm living in africa and haven't had good ice cream in too long. i'd go for just about anything right now.

    3. i've recently started using the word "wonky" for anything that's not quite right. and i catch myself saying "good grief" often, too.

    i just found your blog today and love getting to know you! :)