Saturday, September 4, 2010

Immense JOY!

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO- It's exactly how I feel... :D

Okay, I'm so incredibly blessed. I can't understand what I did to deserve this. Honestly, my life is heavenly right now. School started this week, others may complain... but, I've been so excited! I guess when you're forced NOT to do something, it makes you realise how much it blessed you. I love school. Sometimes, I'm a slacker, but I really do love it. I can't even process my thoughts well enough about this week to convey how blessed I feel. Seriously, it's been amazing. I've been soooooooo busy, but, I don't care how stressed I feel, it's amazing! GAH! Words. I wish I could just bottle up how I feel right now, and let you all feel a little peice of it!

This week has been so insane! But in the BEST way possible! I'm kinda nervous though, I don't feel adequate enough for all that is required of me, but I'm willing to try my darndest. First, I have a new calling, I feel a little overwhelmed about it. (I can't tell you what it is yet... Muhahaha) Then school started, and I forgot how much time it takes, lol, but that should be great! But, I've been so worried about what I was going to do after September, because the grant that is paying for my job was going to run out at the end of September. But, my bosses came up to me this week and offered to have me stay throughout the school year! GAH! I'm sooo glad they wanted me to stay, and found a way to keep me! Then IWA, oh man, this year is going to rock! I'm so excited for everything we have planned! We have the BEST group! And so many people want to join our chapter, I definitely feel like we are finding those girls who truly need what our presidency has to offer! It's going to be great! MY SOUL DELIGHTETH! Gah, I have so much to do! I love you all! I love life! I love being needed! I love everything! I LOVE LOVE LOVE! So awesome.

I feel soooooo blessed!!!!

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  1. That video is amazing!! I loved it. That girl is so stinkin' cute.
    And, hooray for IWA! I can't even begin to list all the ways I've been blessed through IWA just in this first week of school. It's nuts.
    You're great, Nichelle. I love your blog.