Saturday, September 25, 2010

Here you go Albert...

So, as a request from Albert Packer, I am blogging what happened today in reference to an earlier incident. My little sister and I were driving home from my Grandpa's 80th Birthday Party at Maddox. Nicole and I both had reasons to get home early. On the way home, there was this crazy, insane, rude Semi Truck Driver that was cutting people off and swerving around. He probably should've caused AT LEAST 15 accidents. So, I told Nicole to write down his information and we'd go online and comment on his driving to his company. But, the guy noticed us taking down his information, and started acting ridiculous. (Tailgating us, Flipping us off... etc.) Then we notice that he's texting, (WHILE DRIVING A SEMI) but wait... he's not texting, he's taking pictures of us. He would speed up to flip us off, close and personal style then drive by and take pictures. Cause he's a creeper. So, we call our dearest father, who, by the way, could kick the snot out of said truck driver, and asked what we should do. He gave us the number to report crime, but Nicole was too scared to call... and I was driving so we waited until we got home. Well, that number didn't work, so I found the Sheriff's number and called, (while trying to stay calm, and keep Nicole calm) and talked to this lady, who listened to my story... then I had to tell another lady... then an officer called me. I told him the story and that's about it.... Yeah... The driver was from Washington so unless they can find his Semi while he's still in Utah they can't do anything. But, it just creeped me out. I just had a horrible feeling... but I'm just grateful we're okay.

That my friends is the dramatic story of the day.

Moral of the Story: Don't drive like a retard and don't be a creeper and take pictures of young girls.