Friday, May 7, 2010

Tendon Transfer Appointment

So today, my parents and I went down to Salt Lake again, to talk to Dr. Beals about a possible tendon transfer in the future. We mainly went to get more information about exactly it was. Dr. Finlayson told us that it was irrevesable, but turns out you can. So, if by some chance we do decide that's an option, it can be reversed, if eventually, my nerve does grow back. Which, was a great relief to me. I always wanted to wait as long as possible for this to be an option, and he agrees, he doesn't think that we should even consider it until the year mark. Woot. Great minds think alike. I told my parents I would not agree to do it in 2010, no matter how much Finlayson pushed it.

So, I've given my okay to the surgery. So unless something happens to make us reschedule the surgery, it will be on Tuesday. I definately feel like it's the right thing to do. I'm super duper excited. Not really, but I'm excited that it might make things better. I also understand that it could do nothing, but I prefer not to look on the downside. At the very least, it's changing up my very boring weekly routine.

Hmmm... I think that's all I have to really update. Oh, yeah... Today was a great day. I had ice cream twice. Also, it snowed today. Gotta love cache valley!


  1. Good choice, I completely agree.
    By the way, I LOVE your blog background. So adorable!

  2. Good luck! I ran into your parents at graduation and they updated me on you. It was so fun to see them. I think of you all often and the times we spent together in the old neighborhood. You have always been a very special person to our family. I have been praying for you.